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pregnancy pilates inner west, drummoyne, balmain

Pilates For Pregnancy 

Pilates is a safe form of exercise for prenatal and postnatal women. 


Our individualised programs in private or semi-private classes ensure you get the attention and care needed for your ever changing body. 


You will always be under the guidance of an accredited Pilates instructor. 

During your pregnancy you may experience

Pelvic Floor Weakness
Mental health conditions
Excessive weight gain
Gestational diabetes
Hypertension/pre eclampsia

is to make your pregnancy healthy and

prevent or manage complications.  

Our aim...
pregnancy pilates inner west, drummoyne, balmain

Exercise during pregnancy (prenatal) has been proven to assist many physical and emotional benefits. 

The benefits of regular and specific pregnancy exercises include;

  • Increased energy and improved fitness and strength

  • Reduced neck, back and pelvic pain

  • Prepares you for the physical demands of labour

  • Fewer complications in delivery and faster recuperation after labour

  • Decreases the risk of pre eclampsia, pregnancy induced hypertension and gestational diabetes

  • Prevention and management of urinary incontinence

  • Improved posture and circulation

  • Weight control

  • Stress relief and reduced risk of anxiety and depression

  • Improved sleep and management of insomnia

  • Ability to cope with the increased demands of motherhood

pregnancy pilates inner west, drummoyne, rozelle
post natal pregnancy pilates inner west sydney

Our care doesn’t end after you have had your baby, once you have been cleared by your doctor, at your 6 week post-natal check-up you can continue exercising. 


In other cases, especially if you have been exercising regularly throughout your pregnancy, you may be able to return sooner. 


be patient and listen to your body.

post natal pregnancy pilates inner west sydney

The benefits of postnatal exercise can improve your physical and mental wellbeing. 

  • Help restore muscle strength and firm up your body

  • Helps with fatigue because it raises your energy levels and improves your sense of wellbeing

  • Promotes weight loss

  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness

  • Strengthens your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

  • Improves your mood, relieve stress and help prevent postnatal depression

  • Targets any musculoskeletal problems such as neck, back and pelvis

It can...
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