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Urban Myth Is Living Legend

*Doris and *Bob are a retired couple who have been attending Pilates with Natalie for a couple years. Both are keen golfers. One day they were out playing golf with a group, and the conversation turned to Pilates.

*Beryl said she does Pilates to help with her golf, and Doris said that she and Bob do as well. Beryl asked where they attend, and Doris said a studio in Drummoyne. Beryl then retold a story that she had heard about a Pilates instructor in Drummoyne. Apparently, this instructor makes her client kneel on a fit ball and she throws balls to him.

"Doris said yes, it’s true. That client is Bob!" Beryl was surprised and said, "I thought it was a myth!!"

No myth Beryl, it is true! Bob does kneel on a ball, and I throw balls to him. He also does arm weights and kneeling on all fours, all on the ball ...

Please don’t try this at home.

*The names have been changed to protect the innocent! 
PS Bob is in his 80’s.

pilates for seniors, drummoyne, inner west, sydney
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