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Pepper H

Castle Cove

Natalie is such a delightful instructor. She is incredibly dedicated, always challenging and pushing clients to achieve more than they ever thought possible. She is caring, has a very bubbly personality, and most importantly is very knowledgeable and experienced. I wouldn't have practised Pilates for 13 years (and counting) if it weren't for Natalie, and I certainly wouldn't have trusted anyone else to direct me during, and following, both of my pregnancies.

Kathryn H


Natalie has been invaluable in helping me to overcome a long-term lower back injury. By designing a personal program using the machines and equipment at the My Pilates studio, Natalie has enabled me to improve my core strength and flexibility. The sessions are great fun too which makes it easy to keep going back! 

Daune S


Natalie has been developing personalised Pilates programs for me for the last 7 ½ years. The programs have proven to be very successful in developing my core strength and stability as well as targeting any other specific problems that I have. Natalie closely & intelligently supervises my workouts, giving regular feedback and cues and she ensures that each activity remains challenging by making modifications to the activity when required. I consider my twice weekly visits to Natalie’s studio an essential component of my regular routine for fitness and well-being.

Adrian Z

Pilates has contributed to my quality of sport and reduced my amount of injuries, it also improves any post training muscular soreness, allowing me to recover quicker and train again earlier.

Helen H


I began Pilates in 2011 with Natalie Murray and over this time I have experienced remarkable changes with core strength, balance and well being. Natalie is a highly qualified Pilate’s teacher which is clearly exhibited when she designs individual programmes for her clients, considering carefully the weaknesses, strengths, injuries and goals of each person. The studio is a joy to work in as Natalie exudes confidence, professional teaching, humour and fun.

John B


It’s never too late! Started Palates at 72 and have been guided by Natalie for 8 years. Improved flexibility, feel great, golf handicap lowered, can’t ask for more than that. Hope to carry on for many years to come.

Gail H


I have been attending Pilates classes for approximately 17 years. Several years ago I broke my elbow very badly. I believe that my fitness and flexibility from years of regular Pilates, plus a personal plan from my instructor Natalie Murray, helped in my complete recovery. 

Karina F


I have been doing Pilates since 2007. Pilates improved my posture and decreased my headaches. It's a great way to exercise without jumping and running. Natalie has helped me in understanding and connecting with my body. She is a great teacher and a nice person to have around while you exercise. She will correct you with a smile and a joke.

Jenny M

Hunters Hill

Pilates has been my best discovery of middle age and Natalie makes it fun! 

Lorraine B


Pilates has helped me gain core strength and improve my flexibility. It has also helped me with my golf and general well being. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone and it is never too late. 

Kate H

Russell Lea

After 3 children I had a large rectus muscle separation and unstable back. My physio recommended pilates and it has really helped. Natalie designs and regularly updates my program to target my needs. The individual program and flexible hours mean I can fit My Pilates into a busy life. 

Julie T


Following too many visits to the Osteo with neck and shoulder issues, not to mention dents in my wallet, I decided it was time for me to start doing some true preventative work. Since working with Natalie over the past few years, the strength and flexibility in my upper core has increased greatly, whilst my trips to the osteo have reduced dramatically. Natalie developed a program that was tailored to my specific needs whilst also improving my overall strength, flexibility, balance and core. When I first started with the basics, I looked longingly at others who could do more advanced exercises and now I can do them too! Equally enjoyable has been Natalie's very fun and encouraging style, as well as the great people I have met at MyPilates. I look forward to coming every session.

Alicia S

Hunters Hill

My husband and I have been going to My Pilates for many years. Natalie's programmes are tailored to your specific needs and her cheerful disposition makes the pain worthwhile! 

Sue P


Natalie has helped with my knee, neck and shoulder problems. I highly commend Natalie's classes as a means of getting and remaining fit and mobile.

Nicole D


My Pilates is wonderful. I having been going to Natalie for over ten years and will continue to go because she get results. I tell Natalie what I need to work on and she designs a programme that suits my personal needs at that time. The programme is adjusted as my needs change. Natalie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Pilates. She makes it fun and challenging at the same time. I love Pilates because of 'My Pilates'.

Margaret G


I have been doing Pilates with Natalie Murray for over 10 years now. I started doing Pilates because of a knee injury, but I have stayed on as I found it great for my posture, strength and flexibility. The thing I love the most about doing Pilates at Natalie's studio is that we all have individual programs and get to use a range of Pilates equipment. The exercises are always varied and interesting, and Natalie is very good at challenging us while keeping our programs within our capabilities. The studio is friendly and many other clients, like myself, have been going there for a long time, so we know each other and have fun during our classes. 

Jenny G

Rodd Point

Pilates works very well for me, –my specially designed exercise regime keeps my problem areas like lower back and shoulder problems at bay, It also saves on Osteopath appointments.

Topsy J


Natalie has been my Pilates teacher for over 10 years and has been very helpful with my problems. I have found her very industrious, congenial and encouraging in everything she takes on and always willing to help.

Lesley S

Russell Lea

I took up Pilates over 2 years ago to improve my fitness and toning and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Natalie is an exceptional instructor and continues to challenge me with new exercises even after all this time.  Her knowledge of and passion for Pilates are unparalleled. Her fun, easy going nature make her a pleasure to work out with.  I unequivocally recommend Natalie and My Pilates and suggest to anyone who needs strengthening, toning or improved fitness that they book in for a class - like me, you will be hooked!

Margaret B

Hunters Hill

I've been a client of Natalie's for many years now and can recommend her as a highly skilled instructor. Pilates has helped me improve my posture and those nagging aches and pains. It is also a great way to have fun and make new friends.

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