Our Community

This page tells the story of some of my wonderful clients who are doing fabulous work for charities, and not for profit organisations.

Clare Hooper


Clare Hooper, a Drummoyne artist won the Bloomin’ Arts prize in 2011. This prize is available only to artists with a disability. The prize offered Clare an opportunity to enhance her creative talents through a mentoring program with Sydney College of the Arts in Rozelle. This experience for Clare has been thrilling, as she has experimented in different art mediums and subjects. Clare has also developed a website where her art and cards are displayed.

Clare has a mental illness and has elected to contribute proceeds from the sale of cards to the Schizophrenia Research Institute. Contact details for Clare are on the website along with a list of products that she has for sale.



Good Return - A New Way of Giving


Good Return is a new way of fighting poverty. It connects Australians to the working poor in the Asia Pacific who need small loans to start or grow a business. This added income helps the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. Good Return delivers the powerful combination of microfinance and education to empower individuals and create long term benefits. Loans are primarily disbursed to women, and have been proven to have a flow on benefit to four other people in her family or community. Because it is a loan, through Good Return you get your money back to keep or re-lend. Make a loan today at www.goodreturn.org!



Ethi-call - St James Ethics Centre


Ethi-call is St James Ethics Centre’s free, confidential telephone counselling service. If you’re facing an ethical dilemma at home, work or anywhere really, one that seems to have no right or even wrong answer, well, there is someone you can talk to. St James Ethics Centre counsellors are professionals with broad experience in a variety of fields who are trained by the Ethics Centre and provide their time on a volunteer basis. They’ll help you explore your dilemma, supporting you to reach a solution that’s aligned with your own circumstances, principles and values.

Ethi-call can help you recognise the ethical dimensions involved in a situation and help clarify them.