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pilates instructor course Sydney

Want to become a Pilates Instructor?

If you have a passion for life and wellbeing, becoming a Pilates instructor is a natural progression.

Be rewarded every day as you see your client’s progress.


Meet amazing people along the way and work in an industry that is growing every year.

You can start your Pilates career at any time in your life, whether you are a school leaver or you are considering a career change, Pilates is versatile and portable.


Small group classes ensure you get the attention and time needed to assist you along the way. Once you have completed your course you can fit your Pilates career into your timetable, part time, full time, casual, the choice is yours. 

Natalie Murray is an accredited Pilates course provider with Tensegrity Training (RTO # 60182).

pilates instructor course Sydney

Pilates Instructor Courses

52855WA Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology
52855WA Certificate IV with Reformer Specialisation

11053NAT Integrated Dip of Contemporary Pilates Teaching Methodology 

Pilates Instructor - Short Courses

NAT11053001 Teach Reformer essentials repertoire
NAT11053002 Teach Reformer advanced repertoire

NAT11053003 Teach Magic Circle repertoire

NAT11053004 Teach Roller repertoire
NAT11053005 Teach Barrels repertoire
NAT11053006 Teach Wunda Chair repertoire
NAT11053007 Teach Cadillac repertoire
NAT11053008 Teach Pregnancy in motion repertoire
NAT11053009 Incorporate Somatic movement exercises in rehabilitation
NAT11053010 Apply advanced functional anatomy to treat clients

NAT11053011 Apply Pilates therapy and exercise programming to clinical rehabilitation
Pilates Group Reformer instructor training (PGR)
Balls repertoire and teaching methodology
Matwork repertoire and didactics

For further information about courses delivered through myPilates, contact Natalie on 0410 491 673 or through the contact page.

All Our Pilates Instructor courses are accredited by:

pilates alliance Australasia
pilates instructor training accreditation
pilates instructor training accreditation tensegrity
pilates instructor training accreditation
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